AddisonOaks Retrievers

Ron Huck and Robin DuPree

Addison Township, Michigan




AddisonOaks Retrievers is a small hobby kennel breeding Labrador Retrievers in southeastern Michigan. Our goal is to promote the Labrador Retriever as a great family member and hunting companion by producing healthy, handsome, athletic Labradors.


Through the careful selection of breeding partners, we strive to incorporate the best qualities of a sound and biddable field companion with the beauty of a potential Westminster winner, to breed a Labrador Retriever capable of performing with excellence in any environment while enhancing the lives of the people who incorporate them into their families.


We have been active in some form of dog sport for many years.  Ron has been hunting the duck marshes of southeastern Michigan with Labs for 30+ years and Robin was introduced to obediance training with a Golden Retriever rescued some 20 years ago. We participate in AKC conformation and hunt test events throughout Michigan and the Great Lakes states.  We are proud to be members of the Mid-Michigan Labrador Retriever Club.


Our Favorite Quote


"For folks like me, who love retrievers, there is a moment in the game that is frozen in time. After the bird goes down and marked, this great animal who was born and bred for this opportunity, tenses and quivers and sometimes whines, awaiting the command. Every ounce of energy and passion this dog possesses pulses at red-line volume through it's muscles. It's brain signals a siren through it's entire being: 911, SOS, CHARGE, DETONATE.....and a simple five-letter word unleashes all that energy in one nanosecond...."Fetch!"

"Marc Pierce"